(List) Tehn’s List of Black LGBTQ+ People (Specified)

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Top 10: Tehn’s List of Black LGBTQ+ People (Specified)

Serial Items
#1 Grace Jones (Androgynous, Bisexual, She/Her)
#2 Abdu Ali (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
#3 Adonis Bosso (Sexually Fluid, He/Him)
#4 Aja (Trans Non-Binary, They/She)
#5 Akwaeke Emezi (Non-Binary, They/Them)
#6 Albert Nabonibo (Gay, He/Him)
#7 Alex Newell (GNC/Gender-Fluid, Gay, He/She/They/All)
#8 Alexandria Shipp (Queer/Lgbtq+, She/Her)
#9 Alli Ojo (Gay/Lesbian, She/Her)
#10 Amal Aden (Lesbian, She/Her)
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Tehn’s List of Black LGBTQ+ People (Specified)

Rank Items
1 Grace Jones (Androgynous, Bisexual, She/Her)
2 Abdu Ali (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
3 Adonis Bosso (Sexually Fluid, He/Him)
4 Aja (Trans Non-Binary, They/She)
5 Akwaeke Emezi (Non-Binary, They/Them)
6 Albert Nabonibo (Gay, He/Him)
7 Alex Newell (GNC/Gender-Fluid, Gay, He/She/They/All)
8 Alexandria Shipp (Queer/Lgbtq+, She/Her)
9 Alli Ojo (Gay/Lesbian, She/Her)
10 Amal Aden (Lesbian, She/Her)
11 Amandla Stenberg (Gay/Lesbian, Non-Binary, She/Her)
12 Amina Wadud (Queer, Non-Binary, She/They)
13 Anastacia Mcpherson (LGBTQ+, She/Her)
14 Andre J (Non-Binary/Agender, They/Them)
15 Andrew Gillum (Bisexual, He/Him)
16 Aneesa Ferreira (Bisexual, She/Her)
17 ANJIMILE CHITHAMBO (Queer, Trans Non-Binary, They/He)
18 Anye Elite (Gay, He/Him)
19 Ariana Debose (Queer, She/Her)
20 Arlo Parks (Bisexual, She/Her)
21 Arrows (Queer, Trans Non-Binary, He/They)
22 Avery Wilson (Bisexual, He/Him)
23 AWENG ADE-CHUOL (Lesbian, She/Her)
24 AYODELE OLOFINTUADE (Queer, Non-Binary, Any/All Pronouns)
25 Azealia Banks (Bisexual, She/Her)
26 B. Danielle Watkins (Lesbian, She/Her)
27 Backxwash (Queer, Trans Woman, She/Her)
28 Basit Shittu (Sexually Fluid, Non-Binary, They/Them)
29 Bbymutha (Bisexual, She/Her)
30 Bebe Zahara Benet (Gay, He/Him)
31 Billie Myers (Bisexual, She/Her)
32 Bisi Alimi (Gay, He/Him)
33 Bob the Drag Queen (Pansexual, Non-Binary, He/She)
34 Brandon Ash-Mohammed (Gay, He/Him)
35 Brian Micheal Smith (Trans Man, Straight, He/Him)
36 Britne Oldford (Non-Binary, She/They)
38 Caster Semenya (Lesbian, Intersex Woman, She/Her)
39 Cecil Brockman (Bisexual, He/Him)
40 Celia Rose Gooding (Bisexual, She/They)
41 Chagmion Antoine (Bisexual, She/Her)
42 Chi Ossé (Queer, He/Him)
43 Chika (Bisexual, She/Her)
44 Clare Byarugaba (Lesbian, She/Her)
45 Colman Domingo (Gay, He/Him)
46 Crystal Marie Fleming (Bisexual/Queer, She/Her)
47 Cynsei (Queer, She/Her)
48 Cyrée Jarelle Johnson (Gay, Trans Masculine, He/Him)
49 Daayiee Abdullah (Gay, He/Him)
50 Dalton Harris (Pansexual, He/Him)
51 Dario Hunter (Gay, He/Him)
52 Darnell L. Moore (Queer, He/Him)
53 Darrin P. Gayles (Gay, He/Him)
54 Dawn Cavanagh (Lesbian, She/Her)
55 Dayshalee Salamán (Lesbian, She/Her)
56 Dee Rees (Lesbian, She/Her)
57 Delli Boe (Bisexual, He/Him)
58 Demi Stokes (Lesbian, She/Her)
59 Dev Hynes (Fluid, He/Him)
60 Dilone (Bisexual, She/Her)
61 Dionne Brand (Lesbian, She/Her)
62 Djouliet Amara (Queer, She/Her)
63 Doja Cat (Queer/Sexually Fluid, She/Her)
64 DOMINIQUE MCLEAN (Gay, Non-Binary, He/They)
65 Dope Saint Jude (Queer, She/Her)
66 Dorien Bryant (Gay, He/Him)
67 Doris Davenport (Lesbian, She/Her)
68 Dreamcrusher (Queer, Non-Binary/Genderqueer, They/Them)
69 Dreamdoll (Bisexual, She/Her)
70 Dua Saleh (LGBTQ+, Non-Binary, They/He/Xe)
71 Dyllón Burnside (Queer, He/Him)
72 E. Jane (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
73 Ebony Haith (Lesbian, She/Her)
74 Eddie Ndopu (Gay, He/Him)
75 Edward Enninful (Gay, He/Him)
76 Ella Fitzgerald (Gay, He/Him)
77 Elegance Bratton (Gay, He/Him)
78 Eric Andre (Bisexual, He/Him)
79 Ericka Hart (Queer, Non-Binary Femme, She/They)
80 Erin Kellyman (Lesbian, She/Her)
81 Eva Reign (Queer, Trans Woman, She/Her)
82 Fatima Jamal (Trans Woman, She/Her)
83 Fiona Zedde (Lesbian, She/Her)
84 Fly Young Red (Gay, He/Him)
85 Francesca Ekwuyasi (Queer, She/Her)
86 Franchesca Ramsey (Bisexual, She/Her)
87 François Clemmons (Gay, He/Him)
88 Gabz (Queer, Transgender Non-Binary, They/Them)
89 Gina Yashere (Lesbian, She/Her)
90 Gizzle (Lesbian, She/Her)
91 Golda Rosheuvel (Lesbian, She/Her)
92 Hartbeat (Lesbian, She/Her)
93 Honey Davenport (Pansexual, Non-Binary, They/Them)
94 Honey Mahogany (Queer, GNC Trans, She/They)
95 Iamdoechii (Bisexual, She/Her)
96 Ianne Fields Stewart (Queer, Trans Woman, She/They)
97 Indya Moore (Non-Binary/Agender/Femme, They/She)
98 IRAWNIQ (Lesbian, She/Her)
99 Ilovemakkonen (Gay, He/Him)
100 J August Richards (Gay, He/Him)
101 Jaden Smith (Bisexual, He/Him)
102 Jaida Essence Hall (Queer, He/Him)
103 Janelle Monae (Bisexual/Pansexual, Non-Binary, She/Her)
104 Janet Mock (Trans Woman, Straight, She/Her)
105 Jari Jones (Queer, Trans Woman, She/Her)
106 Jasika Nicole (Lesbian, She/Her)
107 Jasmin Savoy Brown (Queer, She/Her)
108 Jasmyne Cannick (Lesbian, She/Her)
109 Javicia Leslie (Bisexual, She/Her)
110 Jazzmun (Straight, Trans Woman, She/Her)
111 Jerrod Carmichael (Bisexual, He/Him)
112 Jessamyn Stanley (Queer, She/Her)
113 Jessica Betts (Lesbian, She/Her)
114 Jessica Ware (Bisexual, She/Her)
115 Jewelle Gomez (Lesbian, She/Her)
116 Jillian Mercado (Queer, She/Her)
117 Johnny Mathis (Gay, He/Him)
118 Jonica T Gibbs (Gay/Lesbian, She/Her)
119 Jordan Alexander (Lesbian, She/Her)
120 Joseline Hernandez (Bisexual/Gay, She/Her)
121 Juliana Huxtable (Intersex Trans Woman, She/Her)
122 Jussie Smollett (Sexually Fluid/Gay, He/Him)
123 Justice Smith (Queer, He/Him)
124 Justin Simien (Gay, He/Him)
125 Kacen Callender (Queer, Trans Non-Binary, They/Them)
126 Kaila Story (Lesbian, She/Her)
127 Kalil Wilson (Queer, He/Him)
128 Karol Conká (Bisexual, She/Her)
129 KAT KAI KOL-KES (Queer, Trans Woman, She/Her)
130 Katey Red (Lesbian, Trans Woman, She/Her)
131 Kaytranada (Gay, He/Him)
132 Kehlani (Lesbian, Non-Binary, She/They)
133 Keke Palmer (LGBTQ+/No Labels, She/Her)
134 Kelala (Queer, She/Her)
135 Kele (Gay, He/Him)
136 Kelet (Straight, Trans Woman, She/Her)
137 Kelly Costello (Queer, She/Her)
138 Kennedy Davenport (Gay, He/Him)
139 Kevin Laroy (Gay, He/Him)
140 Kevin Sharkey (Bisexual, He/Him)
141 Khadi Don (Gay, She/Her)
142 Ki Griffin (Queer, Non-Binary/Intersex, They/Them)
143 Kia Damon (Queer, She/Her)
144 Kia Labeija (Queer, Trans Woman, She/Her)
145 Kid Fury (Gay, He/Him)
146 Kiersey Clemons (Queer, She/Her)
147 Kimberly Drew (Queer, She/Her)
148 Kingsley (Gay, He/Him)
149 Kiyan Williams (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
150 Koleka Putuma (Queer, She/Her)
151 Krys Marshall (Pansexual, She/Her)
152 Kye Allums (Trans Man, He/Him)
153 LACI MOSLEY (Bisexual, She/Her)
154 LA’darius MARSHALL (Gay, He/Him)
155 Lane Webber (Queer, GNC/Trans Masc, They/Them)
156 Lasizwe (Gay, He/Him)
157 Laverne Cox (Straight, Trans Woman, She/Her)
158 Layshia Renee Clarendon (Gay, Non-Binary, He/She/They)
159 Le1f (Gay, He/Him)
160 Leah Johnson (Queer, She/Her)
161 Lee Daniels (Gay/Sexually Fluid, He/Him)
162 Lee Rodriguez (Queer, She/Her)
163 Leiomy Maldonado (Queer, Trans Woman, She/Her)
164 Lena Waithe (Lesbian, She/Her)
165 Leon Lopez (Gay, He/Him)
166 Levi Davis (Bisexual, He/Him)
167 Leyna Bloom (Trans Woman, She/Her)
168 Lizzo (Sexually Fluid, She/Her)
169 Logan February (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
170 Lotic (Trans Woman, She/Her)
171 Ludmilla (Bisexual, She/Her)
172 Lz Granderson (Gay, He/Him)
173 Madison Bailey (Pansexual, She/Her)
174 Maisie Richardson-Sellers (Queer, She/Her)
175 Mama Duke (Queer, She/Her)
176 MARGARET WAMBUI (Intersex Woman, She/Her)
177 Margeaux Simms (Bisexual, She/Her)
178 Maria Sten (Lesbian, She/Her)
179 Mariah Linney (Lesbian, She/Her)
180 Mauree Turner (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
181 Maya Hayes (Gay, She/Her)
182 Mayhem Miller (Gay, He/Him)
183 Mel B (LGBTQ+, She/Her)
184 Mia McKenzie (Queer, She/Her)
185 Michael Benjamin Washington (Gay, He/Him)
186 Michaela Coel (Aromantic, She/Her)
187 Michelle-Lee Ahye (Lesbian, She/Her)
188 Mikael Owunna (Queer, He/Him)
189 Milan Christopher (Gay, He/Him)
190 Mimi Faust (No Labels/ Undefined, She/Her)
191 Miss Hazel Jade (Bisexual, Trans Woman, She/Her)
192 Mj Rodriguez (Trans Woman, She/Her)
193 Moniece Slaughter (Bisexual, She/Her)
194 Moore Kismet (Pansexual, Non-Binary, They/Them)
195 Mother Juan Aviance (Gay, He/Him)
196 Munroe Bergdorf (Pansexual/Fluid, Trans Woman, She/Her)
197 Mykal Kilgore (Queer, He/Him)
198 Nakhane (Non-Binary, They/Them)
199 Nicco Annan (Gay, He/Him)
200 Nicole Byers (LGBTQ+/Undefined, She/Her)
201 Niv Acosta (Queer, Trans Man, He/Him)
202 Olive Gray (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
203 Orion Sun (Queer, She/Her)
204 Paigey Cakey (Bisexual, She/Her)
205 Pamela Adie (Lesbian, She/Her)
206 Paperboy Prince (Queer, Non-Binary, God/Goddess, Paperboyprince, They/Them)
207 Patience Agbabi (Bisexual, She/Her)
208 Patrisse Cullors (Queer, She/Her)
209 Pearl MacKie (Bisexual, She/Her)
210 Ppcocaine (Lesbian, They/Them)
211 Princess Nokia (Bisexual, GNC, She/They)
212 Quintessa Swindell (Queer, Non-Binary, They/He)
213 Rabbit Richards (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
214 Rahne Jones (Lesbian, She/Her)
215 Rashad Taylor (Gay, He/Him)
216 Reece King (Bisexual, He/Him)
217 Rich Mnisi (Gay, He/Him)
218 Rickey Thompson (Gay, He/Him)
219 Rodrigo Luther King (Queer, Trans Man, He/Him)
220 Roes (Pansexual/Undefined, Agender, All Pronouns)
221 Romario Wanliss (Straight, Trans Man, He/Him)
222 Rosario Dawson (LGBTQ+, She/Her)
223 Roxanne Gay (Bisexual, She/Her)
224 RUTH OJADI (Bisexual, She/Her)
225 Rutina Wesley (LGBTQ+,She/Her)
226 Ryan Russell (Bisexual, He/Him)
227 Ryan Jamaal Swain (Queer, He/Him)
228 Ryann Holmes (Non-Binary, They/Them)
229 Sapphire (Bisexual, She/Her)
230 Sasha Lane (Lesbian, She/Her)
231 Saucy Santana (Gay, GNC, He/Him)
232 Saul Williams (Queer, He/Him)
233 Seimone Augustus (Lesbian, She/Her)
234 Selena Forrest (LGBTQ+/Bisexual, She/Her)
235 Shalita Grant (Lesbian, She/Her)
236 Shaun Ross (Gay, He/Him)
237 Shea Coulee (Gay, Non-Binary, They/Them)
238 Shea Diamond (Trans Woman, She/Her)
239 Shevrin Jones (Gay, He/Him)
240 Shirlene Quigley (Bisexual, She/Her)
241 Sijara Eubanks (Lesbian, She/Her)
242 Siobhan Brooks (Lesbian, She/Her)
243 Skin (Bisexual, She/Her)
244 Skin Diamond (Bisexual, She/Her)
245 Skyler Cooper (Trans Man, He/Him)
246 Slick Woods (Bisexual, She/Her)
247 Somizi Mhlongo (Gay, He/Him)
248 Sonny Kiss (Gay, Gender-Fluid, He/She)
249 Staceyann Chin (Lesbian, She/Her)
250 Stasia Irons (Lesbian, She/They)
251 Stella Nyanzi (Queer, She/Her)
252 Stephanie George (Bisexual, She/They)
253 Steve Lacy (Bisexual, He/Him)
254 Storme Webber (Lesbian, Two-Spirit, She/Her)
255 Syd (Gay, She/Her)
256 Sydnee Washington (Lesbian, She/Her)
257 Symone (Gay, He/Him)
258 Syrus Marcus Ware (Trans Man, He/Him)
259 Tawiah Ben M’carthy (Gay, He/Him)
260 Tayla Parx (Bisexual, She/Her)
261 Taylor Bennett (Bisexual, He/Him)
262 Tee Franklin (Gay/Lesbian, She/Her)
263 Telfar Clemens (Queer, He/Him)
264 Terrell Grice (Gay, He/Him)
265 Tiffany Jana (Non-Binary/Gender-Fluid, They/Them)
266 Tim’m T. West (Queer, He/Him)
267 Tinashe (Bisexual, She/Her)
268 Tituss Burgess (Gay, He/Him)
269 Tommye Blount (Queer, He/Him)
270 Tona Brown (Trans Woman, She/Her)
271 Toshi Reagon (Lesbian, She/Her)
272 Tracy Chapman (LGBTQ+, She/Her)
273 Travis Alabanza (Queer, Trans Femme/GNC, They/Them)
274 Travon Free (Bisexual, He/Him)
275 Trey Anthony (Lesbian, She/Her)
276 Trifonia Melibea Obono (Bisexual, She/Her)
277 Trina (Bisexual, She/Her)
278 Trinity K.Bonet (Gay, He/Him)
279 Tylan Grant (Non-Binary, They/He)
280 Tyler the Creator (LGBTQ+, Bisexual?, He/Him)
281 Tyler Luke Cunningham (Trans Man, Straight, He/Him)
282 Tyler Ford (Queer, Agender, They/Hir)
283 Uche Maduagwu (Gay, He/Him)
284 Uché Ndubizu (Bisexual, He/Him)
285 Uzoma Asagwara (Queer, Non-Binary/GNC, They/Them)
286 Vaginal Davis (Queer, Intersex and Genderqueer, She/Her)
287 Victoria Monet (Bisexual, She/Her)
288 Vita Ayala (Trans Non-Binary, They/Them)
289 Walter Borden (Gay, He/Him)
290 Willow Smith (Bisexual, She/Her)
291 Yasmin Benoit (Asexual, Aromantic, She/Her)
292 Yetide Badaki (Bisexual, She/Her)
293 Young M.A (LGBTQ+, Undefined, She/Her)
294 Yusaf MacK (Bisexual, He/Him)
295 YVES TUMOR (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
296 Yvie Oddly (Gay, He/Him)
298 Zanele Muholui (Lesbian, Non-Binary, They/Them)
299 Zebra Katz (Queer, He/Him)
300 Zellswag (Sexually Fluid, He/Him)

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