(Best List:) Tehn’s List of Asian and Pacific Islander People (Specified)

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List of Top 10: Tehn’s List of Asian and Pacific Islander People (Specified)

Serial Items
#1 Bai Ling (Bisexual, She/Her)
#2 Adrienne Wu (Non-Binary/Neutrois, They/Them)
#3 Alex Diaz (Bisexual, He/Him)
#4 Alok Vaid-Menon (GNC, Transfemme, They/Them)
#5 Angela Dimayuga (Queer, She/Her)
#6 Anna Akana (Bisexual, She/Her)
#7 Aquinas (Bisexual, He/Him)
#8 Arti Argrawal (Lesbian, She/Her)
#9 Auliʻi Cravalho (Bisexual, She/Her)
#10 Baseera Khan (Queer, She/Her)
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Tehn’s List of Asian and Pacific Islander People (Specified)

Rank Items
1 Bai Ling (Bisexual, She/Her)
2 Adrienne Wu (Non-Binary/Neutrois, They/Them)
3 Alex Diaz (Bisexual, He/Him)
4 Alok Vaid-Menon (GNC, Transfemme, They/Them)
5 Angela Dimayuga (Queer, She/Her)
6 Anna Akana (Bisexual, She/Her)
7 Aquinas (Bisexual, He/Him)
8 Arti Argrawal (Lesbian, She/Her)
9 Auliʻi Cravalho (Bisexual, She/Her)
10 Baseera Khan (Queer, She/Her)
11 B.D Wong (Gay, He/Him)
12 Belle Knox (Bisexual, She/Her)
13 Bretman Rock (Gay, He/Him)
14 Cecilia Chung (Trans Woman, She/Her)
15 Charlyne Yi (Queer, She/They)
16 Chester Lockhart (Queer, Gender-Fluid,They/Them)
17 Christine Nguyen (Pansexual, She/Her)
18 Conan Gray (Undefined, He/Him)
19 Dan Taulapapa Mcmullin (Queer, Fa’afafine, He/Him)
20 Desiree Lim (Lesbian, She/Her)
21 Dutee Chand (Lesbian, Intersex Woman, She/Her)
22 Elaine Castillo (Bisexual, She/Her)
23 Erika Ishii (Pansexual, Gender-Fluid, She/They)
24 FARIHA RÓISÍN (Queer, She/Her)
25 Franny Choi (Queer, She/Her)
26 Futaba Shioda (Trans Man, He/Him)
27 Gia Gunn (Trans Woman, She/Her)
28 Grace Rolek (Bisexual, She/Her)
29 Hayley Kiyoko (Lesbian, She/Her)
30 Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu (Māhū, Trans Woman, She/Her)
31 Holland (Gay, He/Him)
32 Hong Seok-Cheon (Gay, He/Him)
33 Ian Alexander (Pansexual, Trans Non-Binary, He/They)
34 Ivan Heng (Gay, He/Him)
35 Jake Choi (Sexually Fluid/Pansexual, He/Him)
36 Jake Zyrus (Trans Man, Straight, He/Him)
37 Janet Mock (Trans Woman, Straight, She/Her)
38 Jarry Lee (Bisexual, She/Her)
39 Jay Som (Queer, She/Her)
40 Jean Chong (Lesbian, She/Her)
41 Jenny Shimizu (Lesbian, She/Her)
42 Jes Tom (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
43 Jesse Mei Li (Queer, GNC, She/They)
44 Joel Kim Booster (Gay, He/Him)
45 Kaylee Bryant (Queer, She/They)
46 Kazlaser (Bisexual, He/Him)
47 Kali Sudhra (Queer, She/Her)
48 Kat Evasco (Queer, She/Her)
49 Kia Labeija (Queer, Trans Woman, She/Her)
50 Kobe Tai (Bisexual, She/Her)
51 KUMI YOKOYAMA (Queer, Trans Man, They/Them)
52 Kyo Quijano (Pansexual, He/Him)
53 Lani Ka’ahumanu (Bisexual, She/Her)
54 Larissa Lai (Lesbian, She/Her)
55 Lee Si-Yeon (Trans Woman, She/Her)
56 Leo Sheng (Queer, Trans Man, He/Him)
57 Leonardo Nam (Gay, He/Him)
58 Leyna Bloom (Trans Woman, She/Her)
59 Lily Singh (Bisexual, She/Her)
60 LYDIA BROWN (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
61 Maki Muraki (Lesbian, She/Her)
62 Mawaan Rizwan (Gay, He/Him)
63 Melissa King (Lesbian, Gender-Fluid, She/They)
64 MIYUKI BAKER (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
65 Natasha Kai (Lesbian, She/Her)
66 Ng Yi – Sheng (Gay, He/Him)
67 Parvesh Cheena (Gay, He/Him)
68 Patruni Sastry (Pomosexual, Non-Binary,He/Him)
69 Patti Harrison (Trans Woman, She/Her)
70 Peche Di (Trans Woman, She/Her)
71 Poppy Liu (Queer, She/Her)
72 Pragati Singh (Gray Asexual, She/Her)
73 Raja (Gay, He/Him)
74 Rex Lee (Gay, He/Him)
75 Rin Chupeco (Pansexual, Non-Binary, They/Them)
76 Riria Niimura (Non-Binary, They/She)
77 Ritu Dalmia (Lesbian, She/Her)
78 Rivkah Reyes (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
79 R. O. Kwon (Bisexual, She/Her)
80 Sab Shimono (Gay, He/Him)
81 Sansuke Yamada (Gay, He/Him)
82 Satsuki Nakayama (Asexual,Trans Man, He/Him)
83 Satya Bhabha (Gay, He/Him)
84 Seb Castro (Gay, He/Him)
85 SHABNAM MAUSI/BANO (Third Gender (Hijras) (She/Her)/Intersex)
86 Shay Mitchell (No Labels)
87 SHIGEYUKI (YUKI) KIHARA (Fa’afafine (Third Gender) , She/Her)
88 Shonali Bose (Bisexual, She/Her)
89 Som Hye in (Bisexual, She/Her)
90 Sonali Deraniyagala (Bisexual, She/Her)
91 SOOK-YIN LEE (Bisexual/Fluid, Gender-Fluid,She/Her?)
92 Sophie Zhang (Trans Woman, She/Her)
93 Staceyann Chin (Lesbian, She/Her)
94 Swe Zin Htet (Lesbian, She/Her)
95 Tadd Fujikawa (Gay, He/Him)
96 Telly Leung (Gay, He/Him)
97 Tess Aubert (Queer, She/Her)
98 Theresa Goh (Queer, She/Her)
99 Tista Das (Trans Woman. She/Her)
100 VARDAAN ARORA (Gay, He/Him)
101 Vasu Primlani (Lesbian, She/Her)
102 Vivek Shraya (Bisexual, Trans Woman, She/Her)
103 Yoon Ha Lee (Queer, Trans Man, He/Him)
104 Yuhki Kamatani (Asexual, X-Gender, They/Them)
105 Zero Chou (Lesbian, She/Her)

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