(Updated List:) LGBTQIQA+ People Whose Names Start With Letter A (Specified)

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List of Top 10: LGBTQIQA+ People Whose Names Start With Letter A (Specified)

Serial Items
#1 Aaron Ansuini (Asexual, Trans Man, He/Him)
#2 Aaron Yan (Gay, He/Him)
#3 Abbie Chatfield (Queer, She/Her)
#4 Abby McEnany (Queer Dy*E, She/Her)
#5 Abdu Ali (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
#6 Adam Garnet Jones (Gay, Two-Spirit)
#7 Adelaide Kane (Bisexual, She/Her)
#8 Adonis Bosso (Sexually Fluid, He/Him)
#9 Adore Delano (Bisexual, She/Her/He/Him)
#10 ADRIAN STIMSON (Queer, Two-Spirit, He/Him)
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LGBTQIQA+ People Whose Names Start With Letter A (Specified)

Rank Items
1 Aaron Ansuini (Asexual, Trans Man, He/Him)
2 Aaron Yan (Gay, He/Him)
3 Abbie Chatfield (Queer, She/Her)
4 Abby McEnany (Queer Dy*E, She/Her)
5 Abdu Ali (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
6 Adam Garnet Jones (Gay, Two-Spirit)
7 Adelaide Kane (Bisexual, She/Her)
8 Adonis Bosso (Sexually Fluid, He/Him)
9 Adore Delano (Bisexual, She/Her/He/Him)
10 ADRIAN STIMSON (Queer, Two-Spirit, He/Him)
11 Adrienne Wu (Non-Binary/Neutrois, They/Them)
12 Aja (Trans Non-Binary, They/She)
13 Akwaeke Emezi (Non-Binary, They/Them)
14 Alan Cumming (Bisexual, He/Him)
15 Alba Flores (Lesbian, She/Her)
16 Albert Nabonibo (Gay, He/Him)
17 Alex Bertie (Pansexual, Trans Man, He/Him)
18 Alex Diaz (Bisexual, He/Him)
19 Alex Gino (Genderqueer, They/Them)
20 Alex Newell (GNC/Gender-Fluid, Gay, He/She/They/All)
21 Alex Norris (Queer, Non-Binary, Any Pronouns)
22 Alexandra Billings (Lesbian, Trans Woman, She/Her)
23 Alexandria Shipp (Queer/Lgbtq+, She/Her)
24 Alexis Sablone (Queer, She/Her)
25 Alfie Arcuri (Gay, He/Him)
26 Ali Stroker (Bisexual, She/Her)
27 Alia Shawkat (Bisexual, She/Her)
28 Alice Braga (LGBTQ+, She/Her)
29 Alice Oseman (Aromantic, Asexual,She/Her)
30 Alicia Bridges (Lesbian, She/Her)
31 Alicia Sixtos (Pansexual, She/Her)
32 Alicya Eyo (Lesbian, She/Her)
33 Allanah Starr (Trans Woman, She/Her)
34 Alli Ojo (Gay/Lesbian, She/Her)
35 Alok Vaid-Menon (GNC, Transfemme, They/Them)
36 Alyson Stoner (LGBTQ+, Undefined/Queer, She/Her)
37 Amal Aden (Lesbian, She/Her)
38 Amanda Lovelace (Queer, She/They)
39 Amandla Stenberg (Gay/Lesbian, Non-Binary, She/Her)
40 Amazon Eve (Trans Woman, She/Her)
41 Amber Rose (Undefined, She/Her)
42 Amelia Mae Paradise (Lesbian, She/Her)
43 Ami Cusack (Undefined, She/Her)
44 Amina Wadud (Queer, Non-Binary, She/They)
45 Amy Ray (Lesbian, Genderqueer, She/Her)
46 AMYTHEST SCHABER (Intersex/Non-Binary, They/Them)
47 Anairis Quinones (Bisexual/Demisexual, She/Her)
48 Anastacia Mcpherson (LGBTQ+, She/Her)
49 Anastasia Baranova (Bisexual, She/Her)
50 André Brassard (Gay, He/Him)
51 Andre J (Non-Binary/Agender, They/Them)
52 Andrea Russett (Bisexual, She/Her)
53 Andrew Bruck (Gay, He/Him)
54 Andrew Gillum (Bisexual, He/Him)
55 Andrew Rannells (Gay, He/Him)
56 Aneesa Ferreira (Bisexual, She/Her)
57 Angel Olsen (Gay, She/Her)
58 Angela Dimayuga (Queer, She/Her)
59 Ángela Ponce (Trans Woman, Straight, She/Her)
60 Angela Vanity (Pansexual, Trans Woman, She/Her)
61 Angelina Jolie (Bisexual, She/Her)
62 Ängie (Bisexual, She/Her)
63 Anitta (Bisexual, She/Her)
64 Anji Kreft (Lesbian, She/Her)
65 ANJIMILE CHITHAMBO (Queer, Trans Non-Binary, They/He)
66 Anna Akana (Bisexual, She/Her)
67 Anna-Varney Cantodea (Genderqueer/ Trans Woman?, She/They)
68 Anna Douglas (Queer, She/Her)
69 Anna Paquin (Bisexual, She/Her)
70 Anne McClain (Lesbian, She/Her)
71 Annie Segarra (Queer, Non-Binary, She/They)
72 Anissa Urtez (Lesbian, She/Her)
73 Anohni (Trans Woman, She/Her)
74 ANTON KRYZHANOVSKY (Non-Binary, He/Him)
75 Antoni Porowski (Sexually Fluid, He/Him)
76 Anye Elite (Gay, He/Him)
77 April Ashley (Trans Woman, She/Her)
78 Aquinas (Bisexual, He/Him)
79 ARADHIYA KHAN (Trans Woman, She/Her)
80 Arca (Non-Binary, She/It)
81 Ariana Debose (Queer, She/Her)
82 Ariana Grande (Undefined, She/Her)
83 Ariel Levy (Bisexual, She/Her)
84 Ariel Nicholson (Trans Woman, She/Her)
85 Ariela Barer (Gay, She/They)
86 Arielle Twist (Transgender, Two-Spirit, She/Her)
87 Arlo Parks (Bisexual, She/Her)
88 Arrows (Queer, Trans Non-Binary, He/They)
89 Art Smith (Gay, He/Him)
90 Arti Argrawal (Lesbian, She/Her)
91 Ash Hardell (Pansexual, Non-Binary, They/He/She)
92 Ash Palmisciano (Trans Man, Straight, He/Him)
93 Ashley Benson (Undefined/LGBTQ+, She/Her)
94 Ashnikko (Pansexual, Genderfluid, She/They)
95 Asia Kate Diilon (Pansexual, Non-Binary, They/Them)
96 August Getty (Gay, He/Him)
97 Auliʻi Cravalho (Bisexual, She/Her)
98 Aurora (Bisexual, She/Her)
99 Austin McKenzie (Gay, He/Him)
100 Avery Wilson (Bisexual, He/Him)
101 A’whora (Gay, He/Him)
102 Avi Roque (Queer, Transgender Non-Binary, They/Them)
103 AWENG ADE-CHUOL (Lesbian, She/Her)
104 AYODELE OLOFINTUADE (Queer, Non-Binary, Any/All Pronouns)
105 Azealia Banks (Bisexual, She/Her)

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