(Latest List:) 150 LGBTQIQA+ People and Their Specific Identities

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Top 10 150 LGBTQIQA+ People and Their Specific Identities

Serial Items
#1 April O’neil (Bisexual, She/Her)
#2 Bai Ling (Bisexual, She/Her)
#3 Alan Cumming (Bisexual, He/Him)
#4 Álex Anwandter (Queer, He/Him)
#5 Alpharad (Bisexual, He/Him)
#6 Alyssa Appleton (Pansexual, She/Her)
#7 Amania-Scott Samuels (Pansexual, She/Her)
#8 Amber Glenn (Bisexual/Pansexual, She/Her)
#9 Angie Kent (Pansexual, She/Her)
#10 Aquaria (Gay, He/Him)
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150 LGBTQIQA+ People and Their Specific Identities

Rank Items
1 April O’neil (Bisexual, She/Her)
2 Bai Ling (Bisexual, She/Her)
3 Alan Cumming (Bisexual, He/Him)
4 Álex Anwandter (Queer, He/Him)
5 Alpharad (Bisexual, He/Him)
6 Alyssa Appleton (Pansexual, She/Her)
7 Amania-Scott Samuels (Pansexual, She/Her)
8 Amber Glenn (Bisexual/Pansexual, She/Her)
9 Angie Kent (Pansexual, She/Her)
10 Aquaria (Gay, He/Him)
11 Ashley Gavin (Lesbian, She/Her)
12 Asia Lavarello (Queer, She/Her)
13 Austin Crute (Gay, He/Him)
14 Be Steadwell (Queer, She/Her)
15 Bhagya “Eboshi” Ramesh (Pansexual, She/Her)
16 Bonnie McKee (Bisexual, She/Her)
17 Brian Friedman (Gay, He/Him)
18 Brita Filter (Pansexual, He/Him)
19 Brittany Lauda (Pansexual, She/Her)
20 Brooklyn Owen (Queer, Trans Woman, She/Her)
21 Bunny Michael (Queer, Genderqueer, They/Them)
23 Callan Chythlook-Sifsof (Gay/Lesbian, She/Her)
24 Carol Ann Duffy (Lesbian, She/Her)
25 Caroline Giuliani (Pansexual, She/Her)
26 Cayley Spivey (Pansexual, She/Her)
27 CHANSEY PAECH (Gay, He/Him)
28 Chi Ossé (Queer, He/Him)
29 Courtney Miller (Pansexual, She/They)
30 Crystal Hudson (Gay/Lesbian, She/Her)
31 Cynthia Ling Lee (Queer, She/Her)
32 Cyrus Cassells (Gay, He/Him)
33 Cyrus Grace Dunham (Lesbian, Trans-Masc/Non-Binary, He/Him)
34 Daisy Hernández (Queer/Bisexual, She/Her)
35 David Williams (Pansexual, He/Him)
36 Deva Mahal (Bisexual, She/Her)
37 Diana King (Lesbian, Non-Binary, She/He/They)
38 Djouliet Amara (Queer, She/Her)
39 D’lo (Trans Man, He/Him)
40 Don Lemon (Gay, He/Him)
41 Echo Gilette (Grey-Ace Pansexual, She/Her)
42 ELLEN VAN NEERVEN (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
43 Elissa Steamer (Bisexual, She/Her)
44 Emi Koyama (Intersex/Genderless, She/Her)
45 Emily Blue (Pansexual, She/They)
46 Emily Goss (Bisexual, She/Her)
47 Emily Neves (Pansexual, She/Her)
48 Emma Hunton (Pansexual, She/Her)
49 Erica Lindbeck (Bisexual, She/Her)
50 Ethan Nikelsky (Pansexual, Trans Man, He/Him)
51 Girli (Bisexual/Pansexual/Queer, She/Her)
52 Goldbloom (Pansexual, Non-Binary, They/Them)
53 Griffon Ramsey (Pansexual, She/Her)
54 Hank Chen (Gay, He/Him)
55 Heather Corinna (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
56 HIEU MINH NGUYEN (Queer, He/Him)
57 Honey Dijon (Trans Woman, She/Her)
58 Ingrid Nilsen (Lesbian, She/Her)
59 Jaime Cortez (Queer, He/Him)
60 Javier Muñoz (Gay, He/Him)
61 Jay Bernard (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
62 Jelena Jensen (Bisexual, She/Her)
63 Jenelle Hutcherson (Lesbian, She/Her)
64 Jim “Stephanie” Sterling (Pansexual/Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
65 Jincey Lumpkin (Lesbian, She/Her)
66 Joe Lycett (Bisexual/Pansexual, He/Him)
67 Julie Chu (Lesbian, She/Her)
68 Kari Alison Hodge (Pansexual, She/Her)
69 Karine Jean-Pierre (Gay/Lesbian, She/Her)
70 KAT KAI KOL-KES (Queer, Trans Woman, She/Her)
71 Katherine Fogler (Pansexual, She/Her)
72 Katya (Pansexual/Gay, He/Him)
73 Keiynon Lonsdale (Undefined/LGBTQ+, He/Him)
74 Kim Zolciak-Biermann (Bisexual, She/Her)
75 Kit Yan (Queer, Trans Man, He/Him)
76 Kenny Ortega (Gay, He/Him)
77 Kesha (Pansexual, She/Her)
78 Kid Congo Powers (Gay, He/Him)
79 Kim Chi (Gay, He/Him)
80 LABI SIFFRE (Gay, He/Him)
81 Lacey Shaw (Pansexual, She/Her)
82 Lauren Duca (Queer, She/Her)
83 Laurie Williams (Lesbian, She/Her)
84 Lorenza Izzo (Pansexual, She/Her)
85 Maggie Lindemann (Bisexual, She/Her)
86 Mariah Lopez (Trans Woman, She/Her)
87 Marlon Williams (Bisexual, He/Him)
88 Mary Chieffo (Queer, She/Her)
89 Maya Cumming (Lesbian, She/Her)
90 Mercedes Martinez (Lesbian, She/Her)
91 Mia Healey (Queer/Bisexual, She/Her)
92 Mia Yamamoto (Queer, Trans Woman, She/Her)
93 Mica Burton (Bisexual, She/Her)
94 MITSKI MIYAWAKI (Queer, She/Her)
95 Monica Helms (Trans Woman, She/Her)
96 Monique Heart (Gay, He/Him)
97 Morgan Davies (Trans Man, Straight, He/Him)
98 Mykal Kilgore (Queer, He/Him)
99 Myriam Gurba (Queer, She/Her)
100 Neon Yang (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
101 Nia King (Queer, She/Her)
102 Nik Kacy (Queer, Trans Non-Binary, They/Them)
103 Nik Sharma (Gay, He/Him)
104 Ocean Vuong (Gay, He/Him)
105 Olly Alexander (Gay, Genderqueer, He/Him)
106 Patrick J. Bumatay (Gay, He/Him)
107 Patrick Cottrell (Queer, Trans Man, He/They)
108 Patricio Manuel (Trans Man, He/Him)
109 Phoebe Bridgers (Bisexual, She/Her)
110 Raphael Bostic (Gay, He/Him)
111 Rayvon Owen (Gay, He/Him)
112 Riley Redgate (Bisexual, She/Her)
113 Rivers Solomon (D*Ke,Non-Binary/Genderqueer, Fae/They)
114 Rodrigo Luther King (Queer, Trans Man, He/Him)
115 Ronnie Kerr (Gay, He/Him)
116 Rosie Jones (Lesbian, She/Her)
117 Sadie Dupuis (Bisexual/Demisexual,She/Her)
118 Sam Lo (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
119 Seth Bogart (Gay, He/Him)
120 Shane Bitney Crone (Gay, He/Him)
121 Silky Nutmeg Ganache (Gay, He/Him)
122 Slayyyter (Bisexual, She/Her)
123 Soleil Ho (Queer/LGBTQ+, She/Her)
124 Sonya Deville (Gay/Lesbian, She/Her)
125 Stephen Guarino (Gay, He/Him)
126 Stephanie Allynne (LGBTQ+, She/Her)
127 Suzanne Malveaux (Gay/Lesbian, She/Her)
128 Telfar Clemens (Queer, He/Him)
129 Terra Lawson-Remer (Pansexual, Non-Binary, She/Her)
130 Tokyo Stylez (Trans Woman, She/Her)
131 Tommy Pico (Queer, He/Him)
132 Tommye Blount (Queer, He/Him)
133 Toni Storm (Bisexual, She/Her)
134 Tori Deal (Bisexual, She/Her)
135 Travis Flores (Gay, He/Him)
136 Tre Melvin (Gay, He/Him)
137 Trevi Moran (Trans Woman, She/Her)
138 Tristan Taormino (Queer, She/Her)
139 Troy Perry (Gay, He/Him)
140 Van Hansis (Gay, He/Him)
141 Venus Lux (Trans Woman, She/Her)
142 Vicki Randle (Lesbian, She/Her)
143 Victoria Kolakowski (Queer, Trans Woman, She/Her)
144 Virginia Apuzzo (Lesbian, She/Her)
145 Wade Davis (Gay, He/Him)
146 Wesley Taylor (Gay, He/Him)
147 Wilder Yari (Queer, Non-Binary, They/Them)
148 Will Sheridan (Gay, He/Him)
149 Yance Ford (Trans Man, He/Him)
150 Yashar Ali (Gay, He/Him)

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